Top Ten Countdown

Hey everyone, here's your top 10 artists for July 31st. 1. White Reaper2. Bully3. Leon Bridges4. Tame Impala5. Ezra Furman6. Tough Age7. Scotdrakula8. Velvet Teen9. Win Win10. JaillHonorable Mention: Minus the Bearcontinue reading →

Press Play: Tame Impala

The Australian group, Tame Impala, have just released their latest album, Currents, and, as expected, it’s receiving high praise from those in the music industry for its evolutionary sound of the psychedelic pop rock genre.Make no mistake about it, however, Tame Impala is a vehicle driven by the 29 year old, Kevin Parker, who grew up in Perth, Australia. Parker writes, records and produces all the music for the Tame Impala albums. A highly sought out band for shows and festivals around the world, when the group is touring, Parker employs a crew…continue reading →

Top Ten Countdown

Hey everyone, here's your top 10 artists for July 24th. 1. Bully2. White Reaper3. Jaakko Eino Kalevi4. Calvin Love5. Tough Age6. Leon Bridges7. Ezra Furman8. Metric9. Fraser A. Gorman10. Damaged BugHonorable Mention: PINScontinue reading →

Wilco Return With Surprise Album “Star Wars”

Press Play: Wilco: STAR WARS              It’s been awhile since the world has heard from the Chicago sextet Wilco. Their latest album “Star Wars” has taken most by surprise. The tracks are catchy, and not to mention unique, but the group decided to share their ninth album for free. This present of an album, took four years to write and release. All eleven tracks on the album are fast pace and action packed.             Members Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt, Glenn Kotche, Mikael Jorgensen, Nels Cline, and Patrick Sansone…continue reading →

Top Ten Countdown

Hey everyone, here's your top 10 artists for July 17th. 1. Bully2. Jaakko Eino Kalevi3. Yukon Blonde4. Calvin Love5. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin6. Jessica Lee Wilkes7. Tough Age8. Fraser A. Gorman9. White Reaper10. Thee Oh Seescontinue reading →

Press Play: White Reaper

The hottest newcomers to college music radio are a group of early twenty somethings from Kentucky who go the by the name of White Reaper. Their debut LP, White Reaper Does It Again, is available to the public on July 17th, 2015.  In late 2013, Tony Esposito (guitarist/singer), Sam Wilkerson (bassist), Nick Wilkerson (drummer) and Ryan Hater (keyboardist) formed White Reaper in their hometown of Louisville, KY. The group found a following in the summer of 2014 when they released an EP. Since then, they went from unknown local band, playing shows at…continue reading →

Oklahoma Musician Tom Skinner Dies at 61

Tom Skinner, an Oklahoma music mainstay, and red dirt pioneer has passed away. Skinner helped to develop the red dirt scene sound in the late 1970s. Since then, he has toured, recorded, and written music on a consistent basis. He spent a brief stint playing bass in Garth Brooks' band. Most recently he played a weekly Wednesday Night Science Project, inviting local musicians to perform with him. Skinner is a member of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.Despite failing health, he continued to play up until his death, with his final show taking place on…continue reading →

Top Ten Countdown

Hey everyone, here's your top 10 artists for July 10th. 1. Thee Oh Sees2. Bully3. Jaakko Eino Kalevi4. Jessica Lee Wilkes5. DMA's6. Yukon Blonde7. Calvin Love8. Seoul9. Leon Bridges10. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsincontinue reading →


    Their piece of work 'Feels Like' is loud, with punchy lines to grab listeners attention. A soundtrack for summer if you will. There is so much emotion behind all eleven tracks; frustration, and especially confusion to set a catchy tone that keeps listeners wanting more.     The group is made up by lead singer Alicia Bognanno, Stewart Copeland, Clayton Parker, and Reece Lazarus. From guitar riffs to some serious drums, Bognanno's voice stands out creating such a distinct sound for the group. You can hear her voice for under 30 minutes…continue reading →

Top Ten Countdown

Hey everyone, here's your top 10 artists for July 3rd. 1. Hot Chip2. Thee Oh Sees3. Bully4. DMA's5. Fool's Gold6. Calvin Love7. Metric8. Jaakko Eino Kalevi9. Some one Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin10. The Vaccinescontinue reading →