Press Play: Algiers

Algiers is a band of Georgia natives crafting soul-crushing songs. The band’s mix of post-punk, noise rock, industrial beats, blues, and southern gospel makes for a sound that is thoroughly riveting as well as chilling. Their self-titled debut effort delivered revolutionary anthems that challenged a bankrupt culture. Frontman Franklin James Fisher’s howling vocals perfectly coincide with the record’s chaotic, tortured production. “And When You Fall” is a standout track with swirling echo, rhythmic drum machine, and fiery vocals.

Algiers bypassed the slightest possibility of a sophomore slump with their explosive second studio album The Underside of Power. The band found themselves questioning the established order and raging against the machine through experimental rock epics. The record is dense with diversions and fresh influences, including the jazzy, winding runs on “The Cycle/The Spiral: Time To Go Down Slowly.” The record is also dense with hooks, especially on the title track. It’s still savagely biting and typical Algiers, just with a bit of hip-shaking swing in the chorus.

Algiers expanded on and solidified their doom-laden sound on their third studio album There Is No Year. The songs are as electrifying, unpredictable and chaotic as ever. You can hear blasts of no-wave synths and blaring horns on standout track “Chaka”, haunting drones on the powerfully paranormal “Wait For The Sound,” and iconic wall of sound production on “Nothing Bloomed.” Algiers’ extremes are pushed even further– the riffs are heavier, the grooves are stickier, and the message is clearer. Somewhere in between southern gospel and post-punk, Algiers have found an untapped mine of rebellious sonics and unapologetic rectitude.