Concert Couch: Weekly Live Stream Guide – 9/28

We have a couple more streams coming up from Cain’s this week and then some artists independently streaming live for free with Enslaved dropping their newest album live this week and mxmtoon hosting regular music and chill streams on Twitch. Get all the latest news on concert streaming here on RSU Radio’s Concert Couch!

Aaron Watson  – Concert Live Stream – Friday, October 2, 9:45 PM CDT – $20

Have a chance to see Aaron Watson live from Tulsa’s Timeless Honky Tonk, hosted from Cain’s! An Eventbrite account will be needed in order to access the stream.

HANSON  – Concert Live Stream – October 9-11– $15 or $39

Enjoy HANSON live at Cain’s ballroom with three opportunity times to see them–October 9th at 7 PM CDT, October 10th at 1 PM CDT, and October 10th at 9PM CDT. You either have the option to buy one ticket for $15 or all three in a bundle for $39! These concerts will feature HANSON fan-favorites from across their 28-year career.

Enslaved – Concert Live Stream – Wednesday, September 30, 12 PM CDT – Free

See Norwegian metal band Enslaved for free perform some pieces from Utgard – The Journey Within, their upcoming newest album. This event will be streamed from Enslaved’s YouTube channel.

mxmtoon – Concert Live Stream – Friday, October 2, 5 PM CDT – Free

The artist mxmtoon is hosting a free live stream of her singing various song covers with the opportunity to chat and interact with her during the stream. The stream will be hosted on Twitch, which requires either a working smartphone or computer.

Say Hi – Living Room Concerts – Various times – $20

Say Hi is still hosting a multitude of living room concerts, with the soonest stream being tonight at seven, though there are plenty of streams to choose from. Each stream will cost you $20. There is a limit of four per person, and shows already have quite the limited ticket number making for a more intimate online experience should you be intersted.