Submerged in Dirt album cover

In recent years metal fans have enjoyed a revitalization of the Tulsa metal scene, particularly in Death metal. One contributing band is Submerged In Dirt. Their latest album, ‘In The Grip Of The Machine’, represents both their musical ability and the scene they all grew up in.

While some people claim Tulsa metal is dead, Royce Miller, drummer for SID, disagrees. “A music scene is only as dead or alive as people believe it is.” He went on to say, “We have so many bands to be proud of. Oklahoma’s metal bands are such a strong force, and our fans are too!”

SID’s latest recording effort is a testament to metal in Oklahoma and to a scene that continues to improve. In fact, they hit the #1 spot on’s Top 10 best selling rock/metal albums. You can preview SID’s music by visiting their FACEBOOK PAGE.