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KRSC-FM 91.3 RSU Radio is a 2,200-watt student and volunteer-operated radio station on the Rogers State University Claremore campus. RSU Radio is the only student-run college alternative radio station in Northeastern Oklahoma.


Coverage Pattern

We are proud to:

  • debut new local musicians
  • operate without the influence of advertisers
  • broadcast commercial-free content
  • give a platform to voices that may not be heard in commercial media
  • provide a public service to our community
  • air live RSU Hillcat sporting events

Students work to:

  • program the station and specialty shows
  • produce audio spots
  • report music to NACC charts
  • create engaging and original content on-air and online
  • grow their skills to prepare for a career in media

Students are trained and hired to assist in station management positions such as:

  • Program Director
  • Production Manager
  • Music Director
  • Promotions Director
  • Digital Content Director


Rogers State University

Real College Radio

Yes, we’re awesome.

But we’re also part of something much bigger:

So, if you like what we do, you should know that anyone can get involved.


In fact, you can get started on your very own radio career by studying the Communications Program at RSU.
Interested? Want to know more? Click the logo above to check out RSU’s Department of Communications: Radio/TV page on

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