Fruit Bats

Folk rock veterans Fruit Bats venture into a new era of alternative music with their fifth album. Their newest full length, Tripper, maintains the folk sound that gave the band success in their previous albums, all the while creating a new landscape of sound different than their previous works. The Chicago-based band, formed in 1997, helped contribute to the folk rock boom in the early 2000s that featured artists such as the Decemberists and early works from the Avett Brothers.

While band members come and go, the lead singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson still manages to create a distinct sound that carries from album to album. Tripper, however, is a step in a new direction, combining his veteran songwriting skills and new sounds to take the listener on a journey across many different genres. Even in songs such as “Tangie and Ray,” Fruit Bats step away from their folk sound into a more vintage groove. Expect Tripper to hit stores and digital music sites August 2nd. The band’s newest tour is set for late July to coincide with the release of the album, and will continue through late September. For more information about the band, as well as upcoming concerts, check out