Team Me

Cody Nix, Music Director – As a rabid fan of music, I think that listening to an album is an experience that must be treated like a movie. Skipping scenes and picking singles is fine, but the overall experience is the most rewarding.

Recently, we received a CD all the way from Oslo, Norway, from a band called Team Me. I’ve always been a fan of LPs (full length albums), but every once and a while a shorter length EP, like this one, will have just as much punch.

Team Me’s debut EP is the soundtrack to an epic journey right out of the gate with the track “Weathervanes and Chemicals.” From there it’s a rollercoaster of higher tempos and driving beats with tracks like “Come Down” to slower paces and thought-provoking lyrics in songs like “Me and the Mountain.” This EP will have you begging for more.

Currently working on the full length, Team Me presents their debut EP, in stores and online now, and is a must listen for any fans of 91.3 FM.