Mogwai Ablum Cover

Scottish post-rock icons Mogwai release their newest EP, titled Earth Division. Formed in 1995 in Glasgow, Mogwai has been one of the most important figures in the genre for over a decade. Releasing seven full length albums and seven EPs, Mogwai has created a legacy from many different soundtracks to many different dreams and nightmares.

Their newest EP, however, features elements never before heard in their recordings. Incorporating a seven-piece string arrangement, the album showcases the band’s dramatic-cinematic sound. Midway through the EP, acoustic guitar and singing takes over in folk-powered track “Hound of Winter,” transitioning into the chaotic and white noise-filled track “Drunk and Crazy.” The album comes to a close with “Does This Always Happen,” combining elements from the previous tracks such as the string arrangement, powered by a subtle electric guitar providing the beat.

A roughly 15-minute EP, Earth Division will take you on a journey you will never forget. For any fans of post-rock that have yet to hear of Mogwai, those unfamiliar with the genre, or longtime fans, Earth Division is a must listen, and is in stores September 13th.