Death Inquisiiton

Tulsa’s metal scene is stronger than most would give it credit for. With well-known bands like Inoperable, Submerged in Dirt and Hardtop for Kennedy, one is never short on the chance to catch quality local metal shows. However, a popular sub-genre of metal that is under represented is Thrash. Enter Death Inquisition.

When asked why there were so few Thrash bands in the Tulsa scene, Mutilator, bassist for Death Inquisition, says “It’s mostly because Tulsa’s scene is dominated by death metal bands. It’s not really a bad thing, since I enjoy a lot of death metal, but around here that’s mostly what people want to play. I don’t hear a lot of people around here asking about thrash metal bands.”

Relatively new to the scene, Death Inquisition formed in November 2010. Complete with stage names, the band is comprised of ‘Mutilator’ (bass), ‘Malice’(drums), ‘Gnashgeist’ (vocals), and ‘Nihil’(guitar).

According to Mutilator, the bands biggest challenge is getting their name out, “…it’s hard to make people care about what you’re doing. So we’re always trying to push our music enough to make it that much better when people hear it,” says Mutilator.

As for what Death Inquisition has in store for the near future, Mutilator says “We’re looking to craft some shirts and pro-record a promo demo. We’ll probably ship them off to some labels and hope for the best. Aside from that, we want to play a bunch of shows and have fun with the music.”

The band has an upcoming show at the Marquee in Tulsa on October 7th and can be found on facebook.