Two Minutes Hate

Broken Arrow Metal band Two Minutes Hate has been tearing up the Tulsa scene for around 5 years. Unfortunately, they’ve run into a snag; they are lacking a drummer. After 1 EP, 2 album releases and countless shows, bassist Espinales says, “Drummers are hard to come by…there’s actually a few bands struggling with that right now.”

Even without a drummer, the band still manages to remain active. “Right now, we’re waiting to record an album that is already written, even without a drummer. For the moment, we’ll be using programmed drums because we’re tired of waiting and sitting around,” says Espinales.

Two Minutes Hate can be found playing shows with the assistance of Royce Miller (Submerged in Dirt’s drummer) as well as a host of other temporary drummers. “Right now, we’re looking forward to playing OcTuRbOfest…luckily Royce stepped up …so we’re really stoked!”

If you’re a drummer looking for a band, you can contact Espinales, Cody (frontman) or Nico (guitarist) on Facebook about drumming for “The Hate”.