Daddy Bo

RSU Radio may be home to true alternative music, but it’s also the home of a living legend in the world of Americana.

Don White has been making music for decades, been signed to a major label, and has performed alongside fellow legends Rosanne Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and many others. But his latest project, Daddy Bo, was made with a performer a little closer to home, his son Steve White.

Don and Steve began performing together when Steve was just in grade school. While Don may have taken the lead back then, this release was definitely an equal effort. “He wrote half of it and told me to write the other verses,” says Don.

So far the album has plays from stations as far away as Australia, Austria, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, and France. However, Don says the motivation for playing music isn’t in the number of fans or how much money is made, “It’s all about finding people that, even though I’m not a really big star, really love my music…I may not be getting millions, but even when I’m gone my songs will still be there.”

In regards to the future, Don says it’s time for his son to step out on his own, while Don himself already has plans for a new album.

To find out more about Daddy Bo and hear audio samples go to Also, check out the Don White Show on 91.3 FM, an hour dedicated to “music with a groove.” From classic country to modern country rock, Don White takes to the airwaves every Sunday night from 7-8, and every Monday morning from 2 to 3 on RSU Radio!