The Shins have shocked the alternative music world with the release of their first single since 2007, entitled “Simple Song.” The single, one of ten on their upcoming album, Port of Morrow, continues the bubbly and energy filled indie-rock legacy the Shins established in their previous albums, energy that has won them critical acclaim for over a decade.

Port of Morrow is set for release on March 20th. In addition to the core group, the album features some new faces with a few old ones worked in too. Guests on the album include members of Modest Mouse, Fruit Bats, and Wild Flag as well as some original members of the Shins.

The band’s tour lineup consists of lead vocalist James Mercer, singer/songwriter Richard Swift, Crystal Skulls member Yuuki Matthews, Jessica Dobson and Modest Mouse Drummer Joe Plummer. Upcoming tour dates, include Coachella 2012.

You can check out the new single by clicking here

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