Free Tulsa

Most people enjoy downtown Tulsa for its cultural landmarks and nightlife. This weekend, the area has a special treat to offer Tulsans as local bands join together on multiple stages for the Free Tulsa Music Festival. This year’s fest features over 150 local bands and several activities throughout the Blue Dome Arts District. The best part… it’s FREE!

Free Tulsa Music Festival begins on Friday the 27th at 6 pm with performances on twelve stages at including McNellie’s, Joe Momma’s, Fassler Hall, and IDL Ballroom. Along with performances on Saturday the 28th, Wonder Bread presents “Jim’s Never On Sunday Hot Dog Eating Contest”, on the main stage at 6 pm. Each night, Shredneck Skateboards hosts the Shredneck Skate Park for all ages to enjoy, and Individuals Car Club showcases a variety of customized low-riders.

Plenty of RSU Radio’s favorite local bands are playing, including OK Sweetheart, The Del Toros, Brother Rabbit, The Bourgeois, and The Dirty Mugs. For a full schedule of performances and activities check out FREE TULSA’S WEBSITE