RSU Theatre Auditions

Auditions for the new season of RSU Theatre are right around the corner. Aspiring actors should be at the Will Rogers Auditorium from 5-7 on August 20th and 21st prepared to have fun and read from some brand new plays. Shows being cast at this round of auditions include “Original Recipe” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. For more information or to schedule another audition time, contact David Blakely by email at or by phone at 918-343-7521.

Original Recipe September 20-22 Baird Hall Performance Studio 10 minute plays presented by the Student Theatre Organization.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow October 25-27, 31, Nov. 1-3 Will Rogers Auditorium This is the world premiere of a new stage version of the Washington Irving tale. It was written by two RSU students and tells the story of a small town haunted by a headless horseman.

-Josh Gammon