October is a month full of frightful fun, and if you’re really ready for a scare you can enter The Asylum, a haunted attraction in Nowata. The Asylum has a dark history that revolves around a 1940s sanitarium. Many details surrounding a horrific fire within the sanitarium have been left unknown…until now.

Visitors are taken through a vacant branch of what used to be Eastern State Hospital. The mental institution operated before regulations on patient treatment were enforced.

While The Asylum has a demented past, but the haunted attraction is really geared towards creating a skill-building environment for young people interested in theater and business.

If you dare to enter The Asylum, you can do so from October 18th – 21st and the 25th – 28th. On Halloween night, a VIP tour of The Asylum is available for the people who are brave enough to walk through the halls of the sanitarium…alone. For more information about The Asylum, visit