Bob Marley Legen Remixed

The great Bob Marley has been remixed to no end and covered by more artists than we have space to fill in this article. So, what makes the new Legend:Remixed album so special? Ironically, it’s originality.

When first reading the track list you’ll see names like Jim James, Thievery Corporation, Pretty Lights, Roni Size, Stephen Marley, Ziggy, and a diverse list of DJ/producers. Surprisingly, especially if you’ve never heard the original Legend album, you might mistake several tracks for original, live performance compositions. The first four tracks sound as if Marley himself stepped into the studio to do the vocals just for this album. Even in the more EDM style versions, there seem to be few filters or other effects used to enhance the original vocal recordings. This makes for a relatively organic feel on some fresh, contemporary remixes. There’s a little something on this disc (or download)for both the Rasta original and the indie music lover in all of us.

Legend: Remixed is out for both download and on cd June 25. More info online at