RSU Radio

After being nominated three times, RSU “Real College Radio” beats out 97.5FM KMOD and Z104 The Edge to win this year’s ABoT (Absolute Best in Tulsa) award for “Best Radio Station for Music”.

The win was doubled for Gary “Turbo” Webb, RSU Radio’s Metal Director, who was attending the event because he was also nominated, for the second time, for “Best Radio Personality” facing past winner Lynn Hernandez as well as Corbin & Biggie with the “Big Mad Morning Show” all from KMOD. His award came first and as he was heading back through the crowd, the award for best radio station was named. He was in shock as he went back on the stage to receive the award for the station.

“This award means more to me than winning ‘Best Specialty Music Director of the Year’ at last year’s CMJ (College Music Journal) Convention in New York City… I know I won this award because of my loyal fans” Webb said.

After the second win, he began texting the General Manager, Station Manager and the rest of the student staff at RSU Radio. “I didn’t believe it at first. I called our station manager at home to confirm the text” said Cathy Coomer, General Manager.

“We know we have a lot of listeners because we talk to them all the time. Being a non-commercial station, it is often times hard to compare ourselves to the other commercial stations in the market…but just as the Urban Tulsa Weekly noted, we play music for all tastes and we give up-and-coming artists a chance to be heard. It’s nice to know we are appreciated” Coomer added.

RSU Radio wants to thank our listening audience for supporting the station and a special thanks to those who voted for us.