Raise money for health care

The Red Dirt Rangers, along with hundreds of other supporters, have released a new single and music video in hopes of raising awareness and funding for health care needs in Oklahoma. It’s a collaboration of more of more than 50 musicians along with legendary product Steve Ripley and film director Sterlin Harjo.

“As independent musicians, it has been difficult finding affordable healthcare options, and for the first time, we’ve been able to obtain health insurance for our families and ourselves. We think this song will raise awareness to fellow Oklahomans that there are options out there – even for those self-employed musicians just like us,” says Brad Piccolo of the Red Dirt Rangers.

Did you know that…Oklahoma residents are among the least healthy in the nation, ranking among the bottom 5 states? Did you know that…650,000 Oklahomans do not have health coverage. Most of them work two jobs. Did you know that….Extending health care to uninsured Oklahomans would create over 15,000 jobs while pumping millions into the state economy?

“This song has a very modest ambition, it is just to change the world.” Ken Levit, Executive Director, George Kaiser Family Foundation. Both the single and music video are available to the public on iTunes and YouTube. For more information about the Red Dirt Relief Fund, visit www.reddirtrelieffund.org.