New York

It has been an eventful past couple of days for us here in New York City. We spent the first day in NYC visiting Times Square seeing the sights of the big city. We tried to find a place to eat that you couldn’t get anywhere else but NYC, but Olive Garden was closest so we settled for that.

We woke up on Tuesday and went straight to NYU to pick up our CMJ packets and get a feel for the campus, then we went to Rockefeller Center. At the Rockefeller Plaza we saw where the Today Show, Jimmy Fallon, SNL, and others film their shows. We also visited the NBA Store, the six floor Nike store, and NBC Experience Store. Later Tuesday night the promotional company we work with at RSU, Co-Sign Promotions, invited us to a rooftop showcase party in Manhattan.

As of Today, we just purchased our tickets to see The Lion King on Broadway, and we’re on our way to tour Madison Square Garden, and eventually to two CMJ showcases later tonight!