Alternative rock group Dorothy, which hails from Los Angeles, California, released their debut EP in December of 2014. While it only contains five songs, each one of them boasts stellar guitar riffs, bold drum patterns and strong vocals from their female lead singer who the band is named after. The group describes themselves as “Kurt Cobain paired with Janis Joplin” and consists of traditional bluesy rock vibes.

Be sure to check out their single “Wicked Ones”, which will receive heavy plays from 91.3 due to its fun, highly energetic sound. Along with lead singer Dorothy, the band consists of Mark Jackson playing the guitar, Greg Cash on bass, and Zack Morris beating the drums. Currently, the group is doing shows on the west coast and working on a full length EP which will be titled “Wicked Ones”. While they are relatively unknown now, there is great promise for this L.A. based group.