The debut album of Springtime Carnivore is mainly a solo endeavor by Greta Morgan. The talented Morgan sings her vocals and plays a slew of instruments on the self-titled record ranging from guitar and keyboard, to the organ and drums. Residing in Los Angeles, California, she honed her skills while working with her previous bands The Hush Sound and Gold Motel, with whom she found mild success.

For the Springtime Carnivore project, she paired with musician/producer Richard Swift, well known for his time working with The Shins, Guster and more recently The Black Keys. Together, the two have created a dreamlike compilation that borders on psychedelia with a sound all its own.

Inspired by classic folk and pop songwriting, the tracks “Name On A Matchbook” and “Collectors” are definite hits so make sure to tune into 91.3 to catch them. They boast lifting vocals from Morgan against the backdrops of stellar key strokes.