Sprouting from New York, New York, rock band A Place To Bury Strangers has the prestigious reputation of being the loudest group in the city. The trio consists of Oliver Ackerman (guitar/vocals), Dion Lunadon (bass) and Robbi Gonzalez (drums). 

APTBS can be described as having a heavy, often chaotic sound that blends different genres of alternative rock including experimental, psychedelic, space, and post-punk. With their fourth album,Transfixiation, released earlier this month, they now have a more unified melody in comparison to previous works. They are still fully capable of producing rare and abstract harmonies, however, something they do frequently. 

To hear the unique sound of APTBS, keep that dial locked into 91.3 where their songs Supermaster, I’m So Clean, and Fill the Void will be receiving plenty of spins. The “loudest group in NYC” is not one you want to miss out on.