Natives of Houston, Texas, indie rock group Buxton is set to release their third studio album on March 3rd. For this one, Half a Native, they packed their bags and went west to record in Los Angeles. The group is led by singer/songwriter Sergio Trevino who sums up the band best when he says, “we take from a lot of genres and present it in a way that I think is most honest for us”. 

In Los Angeles, Buxton created a piece that strays away from their usual rustic and folk sound and instead adopted many sounds. Half a Native can be categorized as psychedelic indie rock, influenced by southern twang, with the addition of ambience and distortion.

While the album is truly unique, fans of 91.3 will hear some of Buxton’s work and be reminded of My Morning Jacket. Many songs from Half a Native will be played at RSU Radio so be sure to tune in to hear their distinctive sound.

Buxton 1211.JPG