Let the Good Times Roll, J.D. McPherson’s most recent album, is quite appropriately titled. Set to be released on February 10th, the record has an extremely diverse sound. It ranges from true rock and roll, to rhythm and blues, to what McPherson is well known for, that rockabilly sound of the 1950s. The influences of his favorites artists like Buddy Holly, Little Richard, and Led Zeppelin are easily evident. 

Making the guitarist/singer/songwriter all the more interesting are his ties to Oklahoma. McPherson was born in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and grew up in Talihina, a small town southeast of Tulsa, where he began playing guitar at age 13. He eventually received a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of Tulsa. In addition, his most recent album was partially recorded in Tulsa. 

While this is only his second full length record, the effort put forth for Let the Good Times Roll shows why J.D. McPherson was listed as an “artist to watch” by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2012. RSU Radio will be playing many songs from this album throughout the daytime as well as in the evening. If you tune in to 91.3, you will be sure to hear some of the native Tulsan’s latest work.