Los Angeles based pop group, Fool’s Gold, whose worldly and exotic sound make them popular throughout college music radio, have been a favorite of RSU radio since the release of their debut album in 2009. This week, the band released their third full length album, Flying Lessons, to their usual rave reviews. Records like this one are why the group is highly sought after by musical venues around the world. 

Just as the band has with previous albums, Flying Lessons blends western pop with African pop and dance beats. The founders have an admiration for African music, using it to create a colorful, upbeat alternative pop albums. The catchy, tropical melodies of the record will stick with you well after you’ve heard them. The best way to describe Fool’s Gold’s sound is by taking indie pop singer, Morrisey of the Smiths, and placing him as the frontman for the Beach Boys.  

While Fool’s Gold has many members who play a wide range of instruments, it is truly the creation of Luke Top, who provides lead vocals and plays bass, and Lewis Pesacov on lead guitar. Each has spent a significant portion of their lives developing their musical talents and sound. Top has a music and recording degree from San Francisco State University while Pesacov has a degree in classical music theory and composition from the Conservatory of Music in Trossingen, Germany. 

When the musicians met in 2007, they immediately began collaborating on songs that would eventually be put on the 2009 self-titled album, Fool’s Gold. With their latest endeavor, the pair said that they wanted to make an album that projects “positivity, peace, and love to counteract the struggles in live”. The two have done just that with their vibrant album, Flying Lessons. 

Click here to listen to the leadoff track, “I’m In Love”, off their latest album.