Indie alternative rock group, Other Lives, are taking college music radio by storm with the release of their latest album, Rituals. Their third record made its debut towards the top of the college music charts and continues to rise each week. 

They are a group that all Oklahoma music fans should know for reasons beyond their worldly recognized talents. While they currently operate out of the musically rich city of Portland, Oregon, their origins are that of central Oklahoma. The three piece, which consists of Jesse Tabish, Jonathon Mooney and Josh Onstott, formed in Stillwater, OK in the early 2000s. 

Through a wide range of instruments, such as guitar, piano, violin, trumpet, bass, drums, keys and the use of percussion, they create music that is deep, dynamic, often psychedelic and dreamlike. Tabish’s unwavering voice smoothly flows over the group’s brilliant compilations. Rituals is an emotional work of art and by far their greatest album. 

In addition to their passionate fans around the globe, Other Lives have found great identification from legends of the music industry. One of their biggest fans is Thom Yorke, the musical genius and driving force behind Radiohead. In 2012, Yorke reached out to the group and asked them to tour with Radiohead during their North American campaign. 

Clearly, the Oklahoma natives are big fans of Yorke as well. Their music resembles that of Radiohead’s strikingly. If someone unfamiliar with Other Lives listens to one of the tracks from Rituals, there is a high chance they will think they are listening to a previously unheard Radiohead song. 

After showing music fans around the world exactly what they can do with their talents, it is obvious that Other Lives has a successful, lengthy, and more importantly influential, career ahead of them. All Oklahoma music patrons should be proud of this group who originates from Stillwater. 

Click here for a link to the group’s Soundcloud that contains many songs from their latest album.