In early 2014, Holychild released their debut EP, Mindspeak, leaving college music radio stations across the nation salivating at what was to come from the talented indie pop duo. This week, the Los Angeles based musicians have fed those appetites with the release of their first full length album, The Shape of Brat Pop To Come

Brat pop is a sub genre of pop that the two members of Holychild have coined and are beginning to define with their music. Loud and coarse, yet catchy due to clever lyrics and beats, brat pop is quite correctly titled. Holychild’s music blends indie pop, synth pop and electronic pop. Their slick melodies accompany heavy drums, creating music that leaves you wanting to dance. 

Other genres of alternative rock are present as well though. Some songs are straightforward pop, such as the leadoff track “Barbie Nation”, while others, such as “Money All Around” rely on the influence of hip hop. After listening to the entire album, elements of punk and soul are present as well. 

Holychild is the creation of Liz Nistico and Louie Diller. The two met while they were spending time at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. After graduation, they packed their bags and moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of redefining the pop genre. The duo describe their music as a mixture of Katy Perry and Bjork. 

With so many sub genres of music now present and truly unique musicians extremely hard to come by, Holychild has undertaken a bold task in looking to redefine pop music. The Shape of Brat Pop To Come is a great start, however. 

Check out their Soundcloud right here and stay tuned to 91.3 where we will be playing plenty of songs from their latest album.