Indie rock group Yukon Blonde is looking to make an impact on college music radio in the coming weeks with the release of their third full length album, On Blond.

Working out of Vancouver, Canada, the group consists of Jeff Innes, Brandon Scott, Graham Jones and James Younger. Their confidence is currently at an all time high. Recently, the band was nominated for a Juno Award, which is the Canadian equivalent to our Grammy’s, for Breakthrough Group of the Year for their work on their 2013 album, Tiger Talk

On Blonde is a tremendously fun album. The band’s trademark has always been powerful hooks, that often border on the side of pop rock, accompanied with distorted guitars and distinctive bass riffs. Their usual sound is apparent from the opening track, “Confused” and continues through the blues rock sound of track 4, “I Wanna Be Your Man”.  

Beginning with track 5, “Saturday Night”, Yukon Blonde presents a new sound, however, that is not apparent on previous albums. Synthesizers, in addition to heavy digital sounds, begin to transform the album into something else. Many of the songs on the second half of On Blond will remind people of rock from the 1980s, except with a more modern touch.  

The four piece is currently staying quite busy due to their extensive touring. This summer they travel throughout North America with stops in Vancouver, NYC, Los Angeles and dozens of cities in between. Yukon Blonde is no doubt working hard to promote their latest piece, On Blond

Click here for a link to the group’s Soundcloud that features songs from their latest album.