Press Play: Wilco: STAR WARS

             It’s been awhile since the world has heard from the Chicago sextet Wilco. Their latest album “Star Wars” has taken most by surprise. The tracks are catchy, and not to mention unique, but the group decided to share their ninth album for free. This present of an album, took four years to write and release. All eleven tracks on the album are fast pace and action packed.

            Members Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt, Glenn Kotche, Mikael Jorgensen, Nels Cline, and Patrick Sansone are the sound to the group. Wilco has been together since 1994. Lead man Tweedy (vocals) and Stirratt (bassist) have been the only two founding members that still remain. Jorgensen (drummer), Cline (multi-instrumentalist), and Sansone (Keyboard) have been added through time. Each member holds a unique talent to bring to the table. For nearly two decades the group has been creating new music, keeping fans wanting more.      

            “Star wars” is a little over thirty mintues. Tracks like “Pickled Ginger” and “ Where do I begin” really highlight the group’s sound of being chaotic. Through all the keyboard riffs, vocals, and guitar strums Wilco still has a fun sound that’s rough around the edges. Their album alone is a rollercoaster that’s worth the ride.

            The group has kicked off their North American Tour that includes 23 shows starting this summer from San Francisco, to Vancouver. You can click this link to download the album for a limited time. Keep it locked on 91.3 FM to hear Wilco’s Star Wars.