Indie rock musician, Mac DeMarco, who currently hails from the Queens borough of New York City, shows that he is quite the talented solo act with the recent release of his album, Another One

In a musical era where indie rock has become known more as a sub genre of rock rather than referring to artists who are independent, it is refreshing to find musicians who stray away from the major labels. This is true with DeMarco’s latest effort, Another One, just as it was with his previous four albums. 

In between heavy touring, he quickly wrote and recorded the album in its entirety completely on his own. DeMarco is a tremendously gifted multi-instrument musician who not only sings on Another One but also plays the guitar, bass, drums, pump-organ and keyboard. His music can best be categorized as soft alternative rock. While they are not straight up love songs, the tracks from his album have a theme of promoting love for others. 

All of this is evident from the lead off track, “The Way You’d Love Her”, and other gems on the album such as “I’ve Been Waiting For Her” and “No Other Heart”. Overall, DeMarco’s album is quite soothing to the ear due to his ever so smooth guitar riffs and sensitive vocal melodies. The cornerstone of the album is his use of the pump-organ. This added element to Another One, which does not appear on previous albums, shows his advancement as a musician. 

Born in Edmonton in the early 1990’s, DeMarco has lived all over Canada honing his skills and trying to find success as a musician. This success finally came a few years ago when he moved to New York City. Since the move to the U.S. in 2012, he has released five albums under indie label located in Brooklyn, New York, Captured Tracks and has been touring extensively. 

Click here to check out his track, “The Way You’d Love Her”, on DeMarco’s Soundcloud account.