The Black Keys very own Dan Auerbach has expanded his musical expedition with new group The Arcs. This group released their debut album this September. Songs explore a variety of events in pop culture with a timeless feel.

Auerbach has stepped away from the Black Keys for a brief time to focus on this soulful side project. Along with artists Richard Swift, Leon Michaels, Homer Steinweiss, Nick Movshon, Kenny Vaughn, and the women of Mariachi Flor De Toloache have been harmonized on fourteen new tracks. The ladies of Flor De Toloache can be heard on many of the new songs like “Outta My Mind”. Auerbach asked them to sound like teenage girls giving a unique flair to songs.

Each of these artists is a longtime musician, and had been friends for years.  The group decided to finally compile all their experience making music and put it on an album. Yours Dreamily even has songs like “Stay in My Corner” that are inspired by the Floyd Mayweather fight against Manny Paquaio. In total, the album took less than two weeks to record, and took shape in studios in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Queens. In total, there were seventy plus songs written. According to Auerbach “It all just came so natural.” There are guitar solos with a twist of blues from Auerbach. Lyrics take on new ventures by sharing experiences from many of the member’s personal lives.

Yours Dreamily is put-together so well that it does not feel like a debut album. An international tour is in the works for November. You can hear the groups new tracks right here on 91.3 Real College Radio.

Check out their single “Stay in My Corner” and a live performance of “Outta My Mind” below.