Its Geoff and Tip here, again. We are back from New York City safely with lots of stories to tell and new bands to listen to. The last five days have been an exciting experience for both of us. Geoff made his first trip to NYC and the CMJ Music Marathon. This was Tip’s second trip to the conference, but first attendance in nearly 7 years.

Some of the highlights of the week include seeing two performances the London band, Shopping. They played the first and last shows we saw this weekend, and each time left us wanting more. They are a band we have been playing on the station for a while, but may need to play a little more now that we’ve seen how great they are live. Friday night we attended the showcase at the Williamsburg Hall of Music featuring Shopping, Sheer Mag, and Shannon and the Clams. The latter of the three put on an energetic and showy performance with their patented retro sounding garage rock riling the crowd to a frenzy. RSU Radio’s Station Manager may have even jumped around in the pit, just a little.

Other highlights revolve around meeting new people and networking. Many of the companies who send us music had meet and greets with bands playing for listeners and professionals available for conversation. Whether it was watching Doug from Pirate sing R.E.M. karaoke in one of his memorable shirts, or hanging out with the guys from Co-Sign on the rooftop club with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop, it was a great chance to grow the station’s contacts, and give us some different perspectives on how college radio works.

We will continue to post photos on social media, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more images from RSU Radio’s time in New York City.