Hard rock group, Fuzz, makes a loud and explosive return to RSU’s airwaves with the release of their latest album, II, due out on October, 23rd. 

The threesome is a side project formed in 2011 by the infamous California garage and psychedelic rocker, Ty Segall. He is best known for his talents as a guitar player and vocalist on his many solo albums and with his other group, The Ty Segall Band. With Fuzz, Segall plays the drums and is also the lead singer. His work on the drums is what sets this musical endeavor apart from his previous solo and group albums. He is accompanied by two of his friends from high school, guitarist Charlie Moothart and bassist Chad Ubovich. II is a followup to their well received 2013 self-titled album. 

Fuzz is quite the suitable alias for the hard rock group. Their music is loud, fuzzy and distorted. The album, for the most part, is extremely heavy, and lies somewhere between the heavy metal, loud rock, and 60’s psych rock genres. Clear influences from heavy metal groups are at play with the most obvious being Black Sabbath. Segall channels his inner Ozzy on songs like “Rat Race”, “Pollinate” and “Burning Wreath”, among others on the 14 track LP. Moothart is absolutely brilliant on the guitar. His talents fuel the well oiled machine that is Fuzz. Almost every song starts off with strong, ferocious guitar riffs coming from Moothart. Although he is far lesser known than Segall, the guitarist is quite clearly the leader on this album. His solos, which are present all throughout the work, will be the highlight of the album for many fans.

II is an amazing album for anyone out there who enjoys hard rock with metal and psych influences. It is fast paced and has several memorable tracks. In addition to others, RSU Radio will be giving “Rat Race” and “Pollinate” heavier spins over the coming weeks. 

Click here to check out “Rat Race” by Fuzz on Soundcloud.