Bones & Beeker are the fresh, laid back sound that you need in your life right now. Mixing rolling horn lines, Brazilian percussion, and smooth synth layered under catchy vocal hooks, the group’s self-titled album fits in most any music collection. Bones & Beeker consists of producer BK-One and singer/guitarist Tony Newes.

2010 was the year of the hip hop influenced indie duo. Producers from Danger Mouse to Stoupe (of Jedi Mind Tricks) helped to bridge the gap between hip hop, alternative rock, and indie music. Five short years later, the music world is turning in two distinct directions. College radio seems filled with either fuzzed out garage punk inspired psych-rock or full production, EDM influenced underground pop music. Somewhere in the middle lies the innovative yet familiar sound of Bones & Beeker.

BK-One is a master of beatmaking, who has been around the hip hop scene as Brother Ali’s touring DJ and released his full length Radio Do Canibal on the Rhymesayers record collective, has his fingerprints all over this album. A close listen reveals Latin samples intertwined in the chilled out beats. BK shows off his versatility bouncing from upbeat indie pop to downtempo beats with dirty basslines and hypnotically whistled melodies. While Newes may not be the focus of the group’s name appeal, he is certainly an integral part of the sound of this album. Beautifully timed vocal overdubs create a rich lead on song after song.

Bones & Beeker has a sound needed in college radio right now. It’s a sound we’re acquainted to, but one that isn’t tired. It’s a sound that fits with any mood. It’s a sound that feels good. Check out their single “Samana” below.