From writing an album to its release, “Desi & Cody” the Tulsa-based married singing couple spent about three and half years writing & collaborating.  Now, their new music video “Everyone is on Our Side” is out.  They collaborated with director Sterlin Harjo for what many are calling a ‘very intimate shoot.” 

In a recent interview with NewsOK, Cody said how much he enjoyed working with the Oklahoma filmmaker a lot… “Sterlin is very easy to work with and it was a very natural process.  We basically ordered pizza, had a couple bottles of wine and hung out.”  Harjo shot the video along with filmmaker Jessi McEver, who helped produce & edit the video. 

Harjo says he loves the song…”We tried to capture the intimacy that Desi & Cody have with each other.  It’s a side of the couple people know about but don’t always see.”

In addition to upcoming concerts, Desi & Cody are performing at a fundraiser for Iron Gate, an organization that helps feed Tulsa’s homeless.  A percentage of the ticket sales will help feed families in need.