The latest album from indie rock group, Deep Sea Diver, is sure to have a great impact on college radio in the coming months. Although it’s already been sent to all the college radio stations, the group’s second full length record, Secrets, will not be released to the public until February 19th. 

Deep Sea Diver began as the side project of Jessica Dobson in 2009. Dobson is an extremely talented singer and multi-instrument musician who plays bass, guitar, drums and piano. Other than having raw talent, much of her success is due to dedication to her craft and experiences with high profile acts. Dobson’s resume is one that her contemporaries would kill for. 

At only 19 years old, she was signed to record deal with Atlantic Records. Throughout her twenties, the musician would go on to tour with acts like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spoon and Beck. Dobson really began to make a name for herself in 2011, when she became the touring guitarist for well known indie rock group, The Shins. It took only a few months for the group to recognize her talents and, in early 2012, they offered her an official spot in the band. 

From 2009 to 2013, Deep Sea Diver was simply her side project, an endeavor that began as a solo one, with an EP in 2009. A couple years later, around 2011, she decided to make Deep Sea Diver a group project, enlisting the help of her husband, drummer Peter Mansen, bassist Garrett Gue and synth programmer Elliott Jackson. In 2012 they released the group’s first full length album, History Speaks, a debut album that was well received by the music scene. Finally in 2013, Dobson left her spot in The Shins and decided to give Deep Sea Diver her full time attention. 

Throughout Secrets, Dobson showcases her skills on the guitar. This really begins with track 2, “Wide Awake”. Mansen and Gue, on the drums and bass, help to build the mood and tempo of the song over the first two minutes. It all centers around Dobson’s slick riffs. Finally we hear her voice and it acts as a commandeering force. Her lyrics over the course of the album are a bit dreary but powerful and meaningful. On track 6, “See These Eyes”, Dobson boasts “see these eyes, they don’t know how to cry”.  Track 3, “Creatures of Comfort” is one of the many tracks on the album that shows just how well this group works together despite the chorus of “tearing us apart”. It’s also a notable track for the guest appearance of Dobson’s former bandmate and Shins frontman, James Mercer. 

While still flying under the radar in college radio, this is surely going to change soon for the talented group, Deep Sea Diver.  Their brand new album, Secrets, releases on February 19th. Visit their Soundcloud to check out some of their tracks, new and old, or keep it locked on 91.3 FM.