Press Play: Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird is an all-around talented musician. His newest studio album Are You Serious will have his listeners asking that very question. The album released February 5, 2016. Bird has taken his music to places that seem unconceivable. Already, having great albums like Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of and Echolocations: Canyon in his repertoire, Bird has outdone himself yet again. The talented artist laced his entire album with transparency and freedom.

Bird has taken on other roles in life besides being an amazing music artist.  The artist married Katherine Tsina in 2010. Bird recently remarked to Bob Boilen from the program All Things Considered that his writing style has changed as a result of being married. Contrary to the common sentiments of obligation and entrapment, Bird found a sense of honesty and freedom in his marriage. These experiences have heavily influenced this new album. Bird says, “when you’re sitting on the couch and you know it’s not going to last, you might … have to … encrypt … things. And when you don’t have to do that anymore it might change your writing in that sense.” It seems Bird is saying long term commitment transformed his writing into something more honest and transparent.

Bird is an all in one package musician. Although his primary instrument is the violin, listeners can also expect to hear him either whistling a tune or strumming his guitar or mandolin. Bird tends to rely on his loop pedal to create layers of sound from just one player. Perhaps if listeners are interested in hearing less traditional instruments they can explore Bird’s works with the xylophone or glockenspiel. Andrew Bird is a musical force to be reckoned with, and his new album is Are You Serious is only keeping the momentum going.