Press Play: Bleached

Bleached has come out with a new album titled, Welcome the Worms.  The go-getting record released April 1, 2016. The album is features ten edgy pop punk songs that are reminiscent to the seventies. Two sisters, Jessie and Jennifer Calvin, teamed up with bassist Micayla Grace to channel their recent girlhood challenges into an attractive album that will leave listeners yearning for more.


Welcome the Worms, is a Cinderella story album. The album was birthed by humble beginnings due to the life complications of the artists who created her.  While Jessie was being evicted from her home, Jennifer was moving out of a depraved relationship. The two ended up in Joshua Tree National Park where Welcome the Worms was conceived. Joshua Tree is known for its rugged rock formations and stark desert landscapes. These geographical features were absorbed into the album. The album is rugged, rocky and there is an emptiness that can be felt in many of the songs.

Bleached exudes maturity in this new album.  The trio wields every hardship to craft a comparative experience that will allow listeners to feel less alone in their struggle. The intercourse of empty homes, empty love lives, and empty desert provided the trio with enough space to fill their sound with meaningful music. Welcome the Worms is an album for the ages. It is sure to fill listener’s cars, homes, and work spaces, as it filled the desert where it was conceived. In short, Welcome the Worms delivers.