Press Play: Oddisee

There is something to be said for being the odd man out. It lends itself to the conclusion that the odd man is standing outside of the box.  This is what Oddisee presents. He is an out of the ordinary artist. He is extraordinary.

Oddisee first graced the music scene in 2005, but did not gain significant notoriety until 2010 with his mix tape Odd Spring. Odd Spring was listed on the Washington Post Best Local Hip-Hop Mixtapes of 2010. A year later, he would solidify his reputation with the honor of his mix-tape Rock Creek Park being chosen as mix-tape of the week by Stereogum.

Oddisee claims to have gotten his stimulus from his African American and Sudanese heritage. He accredits his inspiration to artists like Eric B. & Rakim, De La Soul, and A Tribe Called Quest. Oddisee explained to NPR that these artists were easier for him to relate to because they did not rap about murder or drugs.

It is clear from Oddisee’s lyrics that this is a sentiment he has chosen to pay forward. The artist writes relative, genuine material. Oddisee released his newest EP Alwasta. Alwasta slays in every sense of the word.  His raw, political, lyrics are clothed in unapologetic candor that will resonate with listener’s weeks after they have listened to them. Specifically, the song Lifting Shadows, is sure to leave lasting impact on listener perceptions. Lyrics like, “Isn’t that what you fear most? But fear don’t trump your needs. Our pros do trump our cons though. And cons don’t trump your greed And monsters’ what you make of us and we make you succeed. And that’s what makes this country great, it’s built by those who bleed”.

The artist has chosen to use his dope voice and demeanor to call attention the failing perceptions and political structures that exists in the United States. He humanizes people who have been stripped of their humanity. So if listener’s are searching for music that means something, or music that matters, then Oddisee is where it’s at, and he does not disappoint.

Lifting Shadows
― Oddisee – Lifting Shadows