Press Play: Oscar

Have you ever met that person who you don’t even really like at first, and then the next thing you know you have

fallen for him or her? That is what the experience of listening to Oscar Scheller — who goes by just Oscar— is like. Getting to know Oscar through his album Cut and Paste provided that odd feeling that comes from getting into a relationship with someone who you never expected to like. It’s that shocking realization that you dig this person you never thought you would dig. The same is true for this album the more time you spend listening the more you find yourself digging it.

Cut and Paste is the perfect name for an album like this one. In the first listen through, prospective fans will pick up on elementary vibes. The album has strong gushes of pop, and it is apparent that its creator has British roots. At first, the lyrics seem juvenile. It displays a teenage angst that you would have expected Oscar to have outgrown now that he is in his twenties. However, there is something very endearing about the album. His lyrics about his qualms with coming to terms with what it means to be a man, and uncertainty about his future make him so relatable.

Oscar holds onto his youth not only in his music, but in his appearance as well. The artists chooses to rock ostentatious Disney shirts with patch worked jeans. He has mentioned that he wants to work with pop stars like Rhianna.Oscar 2

Oscar is naively ambitious, but that is what makes him and his sound likeable.  He embodies youth and energy. Oscar’s presence as an artist is rejuvenating because he translates innocence well.  While his lyrics present the anxieties that go hand in hand with being young, his brit pop melodies show carefree and enthusiastic promise. Cut and Paste takes the listener to the nostalgic time of when things are complicated, but light. It reminds us of things that are unlikely, but more importantly possible. Oscar’s album Cut and Paste is not one of the most remarkable albums that has been released, but it is one the most needed. Check out Oscar’s Cut and Paste because it will be a treat.