Press Play: The Coathangers

There comes a time in every listener’s life when he/she wants to chill out, have fun, and be carefree. Of course, the listener likes to take the plunge into deep, meaningful, and transcendental experiences with different artists, however that can get old. Thank goodness we have bands like The Coathangers who never take themselves too seriously. This garage pop-punk trio originates from Atlanta, Georgia.  The three dynamic women just released their newest album Nosebleed Weekend on April 15th, 2016.

The Coathangers have been around for a decade. Their newest release Nosebleed Weekend is their fifth studio album. The band’s incarnation was not originally a serious endeavor. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The Coathangers—originally a four piece—started as a joke. They were four young women who wanted to have fun by making music. The music universe had different plans for the four-piece. Starting with the departure of the keyboardist Candice Jones in 2013. Triumph came from tragedy when the three remaining ladies decided to buckle down, and continue on. Since that time The Coathangers have released two albums as a trio; including Suck My Shirt and the latest Nosebleed Weekend.

Suck My Shirt introduced a more mature group of women, and a more mature sound. The instruments still chewed, and the vocals still rumbled, but the lyrics were less attacking. Suck My Shirt demonstrated the trio’s ability to convey frustration and disappointment without the hostility heard on previous albums.  The band expanded their sound from being garage-punk to being garage pop-punk. The three women were less rough around the edges.The Coathangers

The newest album Nosebleed Weekend holds onto the garage punk-rock roots, but is polished and shined with a poppier finish. The album is one that has something for everyone. It keeps enough of the previous albums sentiments to please avid listeners, while simultaneously easing gun shy punk potentials into the expanding world garage punk rock.