Radiohead Releases New Single, Music Video with “Burn the Witch”

When Radiohead releases new music, the world listens.

After what seems like endless buzz and rumors, Radiohead have finally taken action and released a new track. In late April, the band began sending out cryptic leaflets to fans who had bought things from the group in the past. These leaflets were also posted on social media until May 2, when every Facebook post, Instagram photo, and Tweet from the band was removed. Their website went blank. Some called this an anti-viral campaign.

The next day, this online white out ended with the posting of a new song “Burn the Witch”, along with a music video for the track. The new song has an eerie tone from the opening notes, and boasts haunting vocals and creepy lyrics. The string section plays a pulsing accompaniment which builds from a flowing rhythm to a sound that might make listeners reminiscent of the feeling you get the first time you see the shower stabbing scene in Psycho.

The video itself could make the most rabid Radiohead fan forget to pay attention to the song. The nearly four minute stop-motion production follows a visitor through a strange small town. The tour guide and townspeople lead this visitor through an increasingly strange set of circumstances.

The band has still made no announcement regarding a new album or any formal release of the song. Many believe this song is part of an upcoming album. According to Pitchfork, people close to the band say there will be a new full length release from Radiohead this summer.

The eccentric band is known for its unique ways of releasing music. In 2007 the band essentially pioneered the pay-what-you-want style of album distribution with their online release of In Rainbows. The group published a single issue newspaper in 2011 to promote their upcoming album, The King of Limbs. This publication was released in independent record stores.

Whether there is a new album in the works or not, Radiohead’s new single has people talking about one of the most popular bands in alternative music.


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