Press Play: Andy Shauf

By: Arielle Davis

Parties are sort of a phenomenon. Everyone experiences them differently depending on personality traits, and intoxication levels. However there is a common thread that runs through that we can all recognize.  There are certain characters and plots that tend to play out every time.  Singer-song writer Andy Shauf captures these common narratives in his new album The Party.  Shauf hails from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  The young artist is barely past the age of twenty, but has done a lot in the short amount of time he’s been on the music scene.Andy Shauf1

Shauf made his first appearance back in 2009 with the release of his debut album Darker Days.  Just a few years later in 2012 he released his second album Bearer of Bad News.  Shauf’s musical history is one that demonstrates evolution and growth. He continues to expand his sound and talent as the years pass by, and new albums release. Just this year he signed with ANTI- Records who released his newest album. The Party is a pop album that is flowing with catchy hooks, and ebbing with skillful lyrics.

The overall theme of the album is represented by its title. It is Shauf’s creative documentation of his experiences as a party wallflower. The artist spent his time observing the scene and allowing it to fuel his creativity so that he could translate the experience into a musical language that could be shared by everyone. The lyrics characterize the experience of parties and its attendees. Namely, the song “Early for the Party” represents that awkward moment of arriving too early, and being in the host way. Another notable track “The Magician” is calling attention to that common party guy who is putting on act, and working the room.  Even deeper is the track “Martha Sways” which speaks to the attendees who are attempting to seek comfort in the arms of someone who resembles their ex.

The album is strong because it is relatable. Anyone who has ever been to a party will find comradery while listening.  The Party draws the listener into a direct conversation that establishes common ground and relativity.  If you are looking to hear an album that unfolds like a classic story, then be sure to check out The Party by Andy Shauf.