Press Play: Car Seat Headrest

By: Arielle Davis

There is no denying the talent of the up and coming band Car Seat Headrest. Car Seat Headrest just released a new album called Teens of Denial. If you find yourself thinking “That’s an interesting name for a band” then you should know that it comes from an interesting place. The inspiration behind the name was created by Will Toledo; the band’s frontman. The incarnation for this artist’s music began when he was singing and recording in his car, and thus Car Seat Headrest was born.

Teens of Denial is an alternative indie rock album that is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Due to the albums fast growing popularity, it may seem as if this band’s journey came together seamlessly. As with most circumstances, things are not always as they seem. Car Seat Headrest journey began in isolation.Carseat 1

In fact, Car Seat Headrest was not a band until 2014. Will Toledo released 12 solo albums before putting a band together. If you are still unimpressed by this artist then you should know that 11 of those albums were self-recorded and released. Toledo created those songs during his attendance at the College of William and Mary.  It wasn’t until 2015 when Toledo released his first studio album Teens of Style through Matador records. Meanwhile he was working on Denial. Style was a compilation of greatest hits from Toledo’s previous self-recorded albums.

In 2014, Toledo moved to Seattle and decided his time as a solo artist was over. He began trying to form a band.  Not unlike those of us who are on the dating scene, the young artist had a hard time meeting people in his new city. So where did he go to meet people? You guessed it; the internet. We all know that meeting people over the internet doesn’t provide the instant gratification we have become so accustomed to. It takes time and effort to weed through the weirdos, the incompatibles, and the “just no’s”.  In the past, Toledo had put himself out there, but had no success. He decided to give Craigslist one more try and he met someone. The artist was lucky enough to find drummer Andrew Katz who quickly helped him put a group of guys together now known as Car Seat Headrest (band).

Teens of Denial is a testament to demonstrate to people from all walks of life that persistence and hard-work pays off. The album is honest, self-aware, and unapologetic.  It takes the listener through the journey of this specific artist and how he came to be who he is and where he is. It’s just fortunate that Car Seat Headrest accomplished all of this over some edgy indie tunes that are reminiscent of the classics.

To quickly sum up the moral of this story or article, work hard, play hard, and listen well.