Press Play: Iska Dhaaf

There is a rare moment in time that occurs when an album comes along that demands the listener to access a part of his or her self that is always present, but not easily reached. It is the moment when the lyrics and sound of the music penetrate the part of you that is normally impervious to invasion. Iska Dhaaf has created this moment. Their newest album The Wanting Creature will cause the listener to distend with emotion and acknowledgement. It infiltrates the barrier that we create to protect us from vulnerability and uncertainty.

The Wanting Creature released March 20, 2016. It is the band’s second album. This second album is quite different than its predecessor Even the Sun Will Burn.  The sound of the album is more experimental and electronic. Iska Dhaaf gave themselves the permission to grow, evolve, and most importantly explore and play. They played around with a lot more electronic elements though the use of synths. Permission is also an important word to emphasize when discussing this band because at the most basic and foundational level that is what this new album provides. It provides the listener with the permission and support to explore the deeper and more uncomfortable parts of his or her self.

ID 2This is most likely due to the creators of the album acknowledging the struggles they face within themselves. The album title is direct invitation into the concept that makes the album incredible. Essentially, The Wanting Creature is an album about acknowledging the part that exists within everyone where we struggle to find contentment.  It uses its thoughtful lyrics and attractive melodies to lure and ease the listener into an uncomfortable discussion about dissatisfaction. However, it does not leave a hanging sentiment of sadness and isolation. In fact, it does the complete opposite. The Wanting Creature leaves the listener in a state of relief because it provides a space of acknowledgement and acceptance that is not found in other albums or places in the world.