Press Play: The Kills

By: Arielle Davis

The Kills newest album can only be described one way: solid. The album consumes and preserves simultaneously.  Ash & Ice released this year on June 3rd. It is the band’s fifth studio album to date. Ash is described as the solid remains of fire, while ice is water frozen into a solid state.

Perhaps the album title is a metaphor for the complementary relationship of its two creators. The indie rock duo consists of American singer Alison Moshart and British guitarist Jamie Hince. The two have been making music together for over fifteen years, and they are best friends. Although very close, the two members are very different. Hince recently described these differences in an interview with The Frame, he said “We just complement each other. My weak points are her strong points. Generally, my life is absolute chaos, but when I’m writing songs, it’s very thought out and regimented. Alison’s life is really regimented and disciplined and she’s chaos when she’s writing songs. That’s the general backdrop of our relationship. It just works beautifully.”

It’s possible that these distinct complementary differences had a subconscious influence on the sound and title of the duo’s newest album. Regiment mixed with chaos prove to provide the solidarity one can expect from the elements of ash and ice. It is important to note that the two members were also solid in their former musical endeavors. Moshart with her not so humble beginnings as the singer for the famous band Dead Weather. And Hince with a lengthy, yet reputable string of bands that include Fiji, Scarf, and Blyth.The Kills 2

The Kills have been vetted by the music industry and have proven themselves to worthy of listener’s time and money. This is due to the longevity of the band, the creativity, and talent. If you are new to these two and still skeptical, start from the beginning, and work your way to the present. They have left a trail of albums to lead you to great and new places.  You can journey back to 2003, and check out their first album Keep on Your Mean Side. If the first taste excites your appetite then feel free to check out No Wow (2005), Midnight Boom (2008), Blood Pressures (2011), until finally you reach the mecca album Ash & Ice. You won’t be disappointed.