Tulsa’s Johnny Badseed and the Rotten Apples to Release New Album

Local band Johnny Badseed and the Rotten Apples is set to release their self-titled album June 24.

The album follows up the band’s Acoustic EP (2014) and their last full length album Fill Yer Boots (2012). Johnny Badseed and the Rotten Apples features 11 tracks, two of which are available instantly, “Family Tree” and “Devil Knows My Name,” when pre-ordered from the band’s Bandcamp page.

According to the Tulsa band, they “write and play music about trains, love, and murder” with an alternative folk sound. It sounds like something out of a western film right? That deduction would fit with the band name, and thematic lyrics heard on previous albums. A portion of the band’s name is based on a fictional character that they created. The character “Johnny Badseed” was the band’s attempt at writing songs from a fictional perspective. They sought to create an anti-hero of old west tales. This fictional creation makes complete sense considering one of the band’s favorite movies is Once Upon a Time in the West.

There are some old themes with a new twist. Johnny Badseed and the Rotten Apples will be kicking off this debut at The Fur Shop, located in downtown Tulsa on 3rd Street between South Frankfort Avenue and South Kenosha Avenue, by hosting an album release party Friday, June 24.

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