ISHI to Play Tulsa This Month

Ishi is bringing their electronic sound and uplifting spirits to The Vanguard.

When JT Mudd and Brad Dale got together in 2006 in Dallas, TX they set out on an experiment to create a sound that was uniquely theirs, blending electronic production with the soulful instrumentals of traditional folk music. Through this, Ishi was born. The band released their debut, Through the Trees in May of 2010, and Digital Wounds followed in April of 2013.

Their latest EP, Juno (which is a mix of funk, disco, and indie rock), was released September 16 which makes the band’s fifth independent release and the third EP of their catalog. There is something rather unique about this latest EP, however; the band thrives on engaging their audiences to help create an uplifting celebration of life. This is why the band is a supporter of the Music Is Our Weapon organization.

The Music Is Our Weapon organization is a group that provides personalized music programs for those battling Alzheimer’s and dementia, PTSD, Autism, Parkinson’s and various other cognitive disorders. They believe that music is a form of escape that can help to increase the quality of life. 50% of all digital sales raised by the EP will go directly to Music Is Our Weapon.

Ishi will be at The Vanguard on September 29 for their vinyl release party. More information is available at