Press Play: Angel Olsen

If you are looking for an artist who brings a unique experience and perspective into her sound then look no further. Angel Olsen is here to rock your world. This folk rock artist is a star on the rise. The St. Louis, Missouri native brings her rare perspective into each track. What makes her so unique you ask? Great question.

Here are five reasons to Press Play on Angel Olsen:

  1. She ingests a healthy listening diet of Skeeter Davis and The Everly Brothers.everly-brothersThe 27-year-old artist was adopted when she was three years old by parents who are forty years her senior. So she grew up listening to oldies but goodies.
  2.  She has amazing  vocals. Olsen’s began singing when she was a child. She would fill her  room  at night with her angelic voice when was unable to sleep as a child, often waking her parents in the middle of the night. Her vocals are the part of her performance that she is most known for. Check out the incredible track “Shut Up Kiss Me” from her newest album My Woman.
  3. She isn’t afraid to reveal herself in her music. She has been quoted saying, “For the sake of being a little embarrassed sometimes, why not write about things that people don’t write about?” Olsen self-discloses a lot in her song  “Not Gonna Kill You
  4.   She is extremely approachable. Olsen takes the time to interact with fans and everyone who is on her team from        fellow musicians to distributors.
  5.  She’s a team player. Olsen recently got her driver’s license after spending 5 years without one. She reluctantly decided to get a new one so she could help her bandmates with driving on tour.

Be sure to Press Play on Angel Olsen’s newest album My Woman. It is bold and unapologetic. The album speaks to the longing and yearning  for something that is relative to every human experience.