Press Play: Against Me!

One of the most challenging endeavors a person can embark on is daring to be himself/herself. It’s odd that existing, being, and accepting oneself can feel counterintuitive.  Sometimes it just takes one courageous person to be the example that self-acceptance is possible. That person’s decision to accept his/herself initiates a ripple effect of permission for others to accept themselves.  Artist Laura Jane Grace of the band Against Me! is that small pebble who made a far-reaching impact. She is an example, of living authentic even when the cost is great and the pain is real. Here are 5 reasons to press play on her band Against Me!


  1. The first album released after her decision to come out as a transwoman was the best-selling album yet. Transgender Dysphoria Blues hit number 23 on the Billboard charts in 2014.trans-gen-dis-blues
  2. The punk singer released a web series titled “True Trans” which won her an Emmy nomination in 2015. The series documents the challenges that she faced during her transition.
  3. She is bold with her decisions. Grace came out in Rolling Stone magazine in 2012.rolling-stone
  4. She emphasizes the importance of doing an internal transition over the external transition. She says in an interview with Rolling Stone, “Taking hormones isn’t going to solve whatever emotional issues you have; they’re two separate things.”
  5. She is comfortable not knowing what the future holds for her. She says, “This idea of what you’re going to transition into or who you’re going to be, that’s not how you’re going to end up. You don’t know who that person you’re going to transition into is. You just have to see.”


Grace continues to live honestly through her music. Check out her candor in Against Me!’s newest album Shape Shift With Me.